Get ready for GAME NIGHT!

I have just recently met up with Eric Torres, indie game designer and creator of Iconica, a role playing card game. The graphics and colors are absolutely amazing and the game play is sensational!

But the most interested part is the whole philosophy Torres puts into his game. For one thing, he believes in small community and culture. He wants (much like I do) communities to come together more often and play face to face. The gaming world has really turned into a lonely state of affairs with little actual social climate. This game combines the two.... gaming and face to face social interaction.

I was also blown away when Torres began to tell me about the creation of all this graphics. Apparently all the images are created from the same 8 images. His philosophy is that we are only given a certain amount of things throughout our life and it is best and most creative when we use this limited supply to create unimaginably unique creations. You gotta love it!

So come meet Eric Torres in PERSON at BLUEBERRY DELUXE BOUTIQUE.

702 W. Montecito
Phoenix AZ

We'll have goodies (cupcakes) inside and goodies (handmade) outside!


  1. tonight was my 1st time visiting your store. and I thought it was great. I even beat Eric.

    I didn't see much in the male interest, I was wondering if you plan on expanding to men's things.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Hey _MIkey!

    I do have mens clothing! It's in the back. I just received this awesome set of lockers and I will start using it to store all my men stuff! So come by in the next month or so to check it out :)

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