Pinup Prettiness :)

I wanted to share some pictures from my Pinup Swimwear Show last month. These lovely ladies were kind enough to dress up in skimpy (but oh so fabulous) pinup bathing suits and waltz around for the crowd. They were the modeling the suits I would have in the shop for the summer. 

We have very limited suits in our inventory for the summer, so come on down and get yours before it's gone! :)




  1. ah so cool! how is the shop doing?

  2. It's doing wonderful!!! I feel like I'm so out of the loop in the internet now! I keep up the Etsy, but I don't go on blogger often. I had 2,000 new blog entries to read last night! I miss my online people :)

  3. love your suits!! We will be volunteering at the pin-up dog wash next weekend. Cant wait to see what else is inside the store as well!



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