I don't know about you...

....But I love checking out Regresty.com when I need a good internet laugh. April Winchell is explosive laughter hilarious with her comments on various Etsians and their "goods". I know some people tend to hold grudges against this site because they consider it slander. However I like to look on the bright side of things. Due to her cult following, when April places a post on an item, no matter how miserable it may be, it's popularity rises to incredibly numbers and more than likely will sell due to her notice of it ALONE. Not only that, but she is now taking items and auctioning them off for charity. If you ask me, she's doing more good for Etsians than others try to claim. 

Now on to the IMPORTANT part. April has GIVEN ME copies of her books FOR MY STORE!!! That's right.... GIVEN! I got in touch with her on Facebook and she immediately came to my aid. I think I has a new found ultimate respect for her.

April Winchell.... you ROCK!



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