Mead + Collage = Uber Cool Note-Taking

A couple of weeks ago I was able (thanks to my cool principal) to attend an annual art teacher conference. It is ALWAYS refreshing to take some workshops and make some things. And it always takes me a second to really sink in the fact that I AM GOING to make something. It is GOING to happen. And once I let go its just a beautiful thing. It really is.

Pictured here is my new "lesson plan" journal. I will be gluing articles and jotting down ideas for things to use in the classroom. The key to good note-taking is this.... being consistent about the literature. I have many-a-journal and the object is to maintain the consistency of them by categorizing them.

So far these are my journal categories:

*Future Brick and Mortar Store Notes*

*Handmade Art Book Ideas and Sketches*

*Poetry and Randominity*

*Emotional Ventage*

*House Decor Lovin'*

Specific? why yes... but by making them specific (whether dull notebook looking or fabulously flourished) I make them IMPORTANT and that is what makes me write/doodle/note/draw in them.



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