Shop Update: Bippity Boppity Baubles

Yowzers! I so did not realize how much I used my PINKY when I type. I bruised it (along with my ego) playing dodgeball on Friday. So my typing has been a bit slower than usual. However, even with that obstacle I wanted to show you some of my new delights. These are some wonderful little accessories for some wonderful ladies!

You will find them very soon here.


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  2. oh how I abhorred dodgeball day in elementary school. the teachers always made me take off my glasses to play, so naturally I could never see the ball careening toward my head. I suspect my peers knew this all too well.

    *edited to be grammatically intelligible :)

  3. too true, too true. I think the kiddos were a bit surprised to see my competitiveness when it came to the game. I was never really all that good any anything athletic, just aggressive.





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