Pass it up.... Pass it on...

I had some pretty SWEET things happen for me today. And today WAS a good day. First of all, there's something that all of you non-Arizonians must understand. When it RAINS here, we all go crazy! We just can't get over it. The RAIN! YAY! So guess what... it RAINED today! That was the first good thing of the day.

Second (which might sound bad at first, but it gets better) is that my little Blueberry (my Wubbas, my little pug) has some kind of issue with her right eye. Its been really bright red a bloodshot for the past couple of days. So when I went to my parents' this morning I had my mom look at it to see what she thought. She said she would go ahead and take Blueberry to the vet and pay for everything for my Easter present. How COOL is that?!? She said she thinks my little puggy might have an infection from her recent spaying. So now hopefully she'll feel better. :)

Also my G-ma called me and wanted me to come over today. She had TONS of old crafting stuff she never used. Some of it was even from my Great Grandma.  Ribbon, bobbins, lace, you NAME it. So incredibly awesome of my G-ma. 

THEN I went shopping with my little cousin to get her a cute outfit for her 21st. While we were thrifting I found a BEAUTIFUL subtle wedding dress. It's just gorgeous. Look forward to it being on my site soon. I'm thinking of creating a formal/wedding category. I seem to have a lot of those kinds of dressy items lately.

So I've passed this incredible selfless day onto someone else. (but shhhh its a secret) I can't tell you who or what I'm going to do, but I promise you it will make their day!


Blueberry Deluxe

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  1. sweet post...and i am happy your little babyhead pup will feel better, animals rule.



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