Keeping FINALLY!

I have so much going on lately that I've really only been going thrifting for my little store. However, the other day I was going to model a pair of leather oxfords and I finally decided to KEEP them for myself!

I really REALLY love these shoes. If they were brand new they would be so uncomfortable. But as we all know with leather and vintage, shoes can be incredibly worn in and absolutely wonderful!


On a side note. I'd like to apologize for my lack of new things in the store as of late. Many different circumstances go into this sort of slow couple of weeks, but basically with teaching sometimes comes very stressful times and this is one of them. 

However, on a very good note :) I have summer fever very badly and for the first time EVER I will not be working at ALL during the summer this year. I'm so excited I can barely breathe. I will be focusing on a couple of things:

1. New house (painting, floors, wall decals and the whole nine yards)

2. Learning the trade - I will be taking a sewing class at Phoenix College to learn how to hem amongst other handy skills for vintage

3. Education - I will be FINALLY beefing up on my vintage knowledge as well as how to tend to various vintage issues such as cleaning, de-staining, and so on

4. ETSY!!! I will be able to work during the day, which is so lovely! I can't wait to spend my weeks scouring thrift stores I would never be able to otherwise with my crazy schedule as it is.

So thanks to ALL of you for your incredible patience. I promise my store will be hoppin' in no time.



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  1. hell yes you have to keep those! they're PERFECT!



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