Weekend Update: Blueberry Deluxe Goes to Disneyland!

I had the WONDERFUL opportunity this last weekend to go to Disneyland with some of the most handsome men I know, my cousins! I absolutely adore these adorable gentlemen and I'd like to share my experience with you.

This is us waiting for the water rafting ride at California adventures. Right before we took this picture I told them to "look like your having a good time waiting in line for 30 minutes!". Do you think they pulled it off?
This is one of the pictures the youngest took (Vincent) I'll show more of his pictures in another blog. He did SUCH a fabulous job with the camera.

I should have put this picture first for its SIGNIFICANT role in any trip to Disneyland. In case you all didn't know... there is definite lucky ride you MUST go on first. This is Pirates of the Caribbean. If you do NOT go on this ride first you will NOT I repeat will NOT have a good day at Disney. And this is true for every day you are at the park. Hopefully this helps some of you Disney newbies with your future trip :)

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