Where's Blueberry?

So many people have been asking the same question... Where is Blueberry?

Ever since I opened the shop, Blueberry has been a frequent visitor. She kept me company on many a weekend and was a better greeter than ANYONE I could afford :) 

But for the past couple of months, Blueberry hasn't been at the store... and people have NOTICED!

The scoop is... Blueberry has been sick. Very sick. Last October she was diagnosed with having a heavy amount of bladder stones. She had blood in her urine and according to the doc... she was in a CONSIDERABLE amount of pain. You'd never know it because she has SUCH a good little personality. 

Here's an image of a doggy with stones. It's not pretty, nor is it not painful. They look like little teeth when they remove them :(

So shortly after that she had to have surgery where a huge amount of stones were removed from her bladder and urethra. She was put on special food and the doc hoped for the best. 

However... a couple months ago they came back. The doc was shocked. Apparently, because of Blueberry's a) disposition to having stones and b) her inability to go potty at anytime and caused her not to drink enough water and therefore... more stones. To say the least I was very VERY sad for her. 

So for the last 60 days Blueberry has been hanging out at G-ma and G-pa's house out West where she gets to play with 3 other puggies and go potty and drink lots of water!

And you know what?!?

They went away!!! Yippee!!!! It will taken another couple of months to totally get the house in order for her, but she's healthy and I'm VERY happy. 

So for those of you who were wondering... and those of you who were worried... Blueberry's ALL BETTER!


Jessica & Blueberry


  1. Aw, that's so sad! Glad to hear she's better again!

  2. Good to hear that! Though its my first time to visit your blog i feel glad that blueberry was fine now.

  3. ohmygoodness what a relief to hear she is getting back to health! I've just gotten a chihuahua a month ago, and would cry my eyes out if anything went wrong. I've got three guinea pigs as well, and that's even more tricky since they are very hard to operate on as putting them to sleep is risque for them. I lost my fourth guinea pig last winter :(

    kisses to Blueberry!



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