Far away in a Distant Land of 9 to 5...

In a distant land... far far away... Blueberry Deluxe has a 9 to 5 job. And although that job is absolutely fabulous, it can take me away from my personal hobbies every once in awhile. 

I thought it'd be nice to share some of the life with you a bit more. These are what my brave new kiddos have been working on in the last couple of weeks. A little bit ago I had shared some images of their progress on the cardboard mansion. The bottom image is it at its almost final moment. They'll have to do a little more to the outside (it still seems a little more like a box than a house) but all-in-all I couldn't really be prouder. My little guys did a good job :)

The top two images are the new project they've started. Tracing each other through plexi glass and transferring them to paper as a mono print. Life is good.

3rd in the lineup is a 7th grade project. Non-objective watercolors. Boy those kids are always surprised when I'm not expecting them to make things look "real". I feel it really empowers them. 

And now onto some business...

I was featured in the newspaper! The Arizona Republic to be exact.... and for those of you who don't live here that's a mighty popular newspaper! So thrilling to be featured. I can't thank my customers enough for all the support they've given me and the store!




  1. I love your 9-5! and congrats on the newspaper coverage!! XO, Stacy and Stacy

  2. Thanks for sharing a slice of life. I just found your blog via Twitter, I can't wait to stop in and check out your shop. I'm a local too...so, um... yeah, the AZ Republic is pretty much the bees knees of newspaperatti! Congrats!

  3. You must have so much fun at work every day!



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