Under the Weather

For many of you who follow my facebook and many other things involving my life know that Blueberry (the pug) has had a little bit of a rough time lately. A couple of weeks ago when she was invited to be on the news, we realized her urine had blood in it. Upon taking her to the Vet, we learned she actually had stones in her bladder {ouchie :(} and immediately scheduled her for surgery. The problem was that there were so many stones. Who knows how long she had been putting up with that pain! :(

Once in surgery the Vet also discovered she had stones in her urethra. The poor baby had to of been in immense pain. That surgery was a week ago and since then Blueberry has really been recovering well. They removed literally a HANDFUL of stones of all sizes from her little body. 

In another week I can go get her all cleaned up and pretty :) Just in time for the new school year.




  1. Oh No! I'm so sorry to hear that Blueberry has had such a tough few weeks. Were there any symptoms to watch out for? I didn't even knew that dogs could develop stones :/

  2. poor blueberry... I love that dog bed!!! Where did you find that?!!

  3. Carly - I found the bed at IKEA of all places!

    Huzzah! - I didn't know until she had blood in her urine and I didn't even know it until we went to this dog event because she always goes in the backyard :( It was not fun.

  4. poor thing. hopefully things are back to normal.



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