It's Always Sunny in Arizona

I spent a good two days changing some things around in the shop. I think I almost drove Mr. Blueberry crazy :) None-the-less I'm very happy with the way everything worked out!

I have been dying to wear my old worn-in oxfords for awhile now! I had purchased these cute little lacy foldover socks a couple of months and they were just... waiting... patiently for me to put the to use. 

So yesterday I matched the two up and if I don't say so myself, they look quite dashing with each other, even thought they're matched up with my not-so-Arizonian white legs!

Dress - Ross
Necklace - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Socks - Target




  1. Hi lady!
    My boyfriend Scott and I met you at your shop in May, and I just wanted to say hello! We've been working on some crafty stuff with our friend Ashley (Merry May Handmade), and I was hoping we all could work together in the future! Scott may be stopping by tonight for FF (I'm out of town right now), so I'll tell him to say hello! :)

  2. I love Ashley!!! Oh yes yes! I would love to work with you folks! We can host at the different locations with themes and all kinds of stuff! I totally look forward to it :)

  3. That sounds so awesome! I would love to put together sone kind of fall craft festival with apple cider, crafts, and pumpkin bread! Do you have any craft nights, or parties planned for the future yet? :)

  4. I don't! I haven't been able to really pull any of that together!

  5. oh my goodness those shoes are rad.

  6. the shop looks *so* fab! And I spy some skirts that would likely look fabulous on me ;)

  7. Thanks ladies! I really do love these shoes :) They were my official first "I can't sell these they're too cute!" purchase.

    And yes HUzzah! I do have some fabulous skirts :) I've been on this squaredancing kick lately. Not sure what that's all about!



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