Burt.... meet the folks. Folks.... meet Burt... the Hummingbird

For a couple of days we had ANOTHER store pet (Blueberry of course is the first). Meet Burt. He flew in accidentally and just didn't want to leave. I tried scaring him out, luring him, promising him lots of flower goodies outside.... nothing. The cutest part was when he kept trying to get nectar from our mobiles! :) So cute.

Finally my landlord came into help. Our biggest worry was that we were going to be closed until Thursday and he wouldn't have anything to eat. It was then I found out Burt was a girl!!! So my landlord eventually brought "her" a feeder. I LOVE my landlords! In two days time she had finally figured out how to escape back into the real world. 

We'll miss you Burt! But it was good while it lasted. :)

To read this adventure as it was happening on our Facebook Fanpage click here and scroll down.



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