House Update: DIY Birdies and Rainbow Colored Drawers

So there have been some things I've been REALLY MEANING to get to in these last couple of days. I wanted to share them with you!

  1. Clean and Organize the bedroom (I have A LOT of clothes, not to mention belts, scarves, etc)
  2. Install the vinyl birds I purchased from Etsy into my lovely canary yellow hallway

I'll be going over my process of putting these up (in case any of you are interested) later on in the blog, but here is a beautiful sneak peak.

At our old place we had no closets I mean ZERO, NONE! Therefore I had two sets of IKEA Malm drawers and 4 clothing racks!!! When we moved here it was a different story (as it is EVERY time you move to a new place). So I had to change things up. I managed to snag a large set of drawers from my sister-in-law which became my new home for all my lovely skirts. Originally they were all hung up. But we don't have so much square footage in the bedroom anymore.

I give you my rainbow colored drawer!
(There's plenty more where that came from, but one picture's enough)

Also since we are OWNERS now I don't have to worry all the time about holes in the wall. So I had a BALL! I put in nails to hang up all my scarves. When I have more money I'll invest in some cute little wall hangers.


So now off to the DIY project. I purchased some vinyl birdies from Janey Mac Press.
She had some EXCELLENT directions to go with them, but I also wanted to show you in step by step form in case any of you out there are visual learners!

Here are the end products. I wanted them to go on a diagonal.

Step #1 

Place your decals on the wall where you would like them. Use a small piece of tape to adhere them and see how you like your work.

These are more of my little lovelies!

Step #2

Go over the decal with a credit card on both sides to reactivate the adhesive. 

Step #3

Fold the decal up on its "hinged" piece of tape and peel off the backing. Place the decal back on the wall and rub with a credit card to allow the decal to "adhere" to the wall.

Step #4

Peel off the white protective coating carefully making sure the entire decal is stuck to the wall. If it is not, then recover and rub with a credit card.

Hope this helps some of you! I had a lot of fun doing it. It was sort of a Zenlike experience. I did one little birdie at a time until they were all finished! Now onto my next project...

Drawing patterns on window frosted sheets!



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