~ DIY to do ~

I have a couple of projects on my plate I will hopefully be working on soon. I like to put my prospective to do's on here because its more motivating!

These two ideas are thanks to Design Sponge, of which I know MANY of us are huge fans.

Project #1

Get another dog! No no no... wait. I mean paint a headboard. This would look super cute in our master and it would take up very little space. These colors TOTALLY go with my current aesthetic as well. :)

Project #2

Frosting my windows! I actually HAVE all the materials for this, including the paint pens. I will be putting this on the medium sized window in the living room and the two small windows on the West bedrooms. I didn't buy enough contact paper, so I'm think I'll take some "scraps" and do a geometric style pattern on one of the small windows instead of full coverage. 

Wish me luck!



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