Can I get me some Buffalo?

There are so many things about this outfit that I just adore!
But one thing I wanted to talk about is the SHOES. They're from Buffalo Exchange wonderland.

For those of you that have never heard of Buffalo Exchange, its pretty fabulous. It originated in Tucson AZ and there are a handful here and all throughout the country. They accept clothing trade-ins (hence the name) and they can have a pretty fabulous collection.

In my ONE recent trip (I try to not temp myself too often) I purchased 2 fabulous summer dresses, 1 pair of gladiator (tall) sandals, 2 pairs of sandals pictured above (one white one pink), 1 pair of tassel sandals, and a gaudy gold owl necklace for under $80.

Here's to creative thinkers and doers!


Dress - Thrifted

Sandals - Buffalo

Pink Ball - Blueberry (the pug) thought it looked nice with the outfit




  1. yay! you are posting outfits! sweet! you look very cute and summery.

  2. Dude... its a great way to make me get dressed up and be creative when I don't have a 9-5 in the summer :) HA!



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