Not just another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party....

So my Aunt has arranged this new tradition for our family. Every year about a week before Christmas we pile into a limo, watch holiday lights and shove food into our faces. Every year it gets better.

This year was absolutely ridiculous in the most awesome way possible. 

Limo = Party Bus
Lights = Light Saber fun
Food = FABulous Maestro (like... the best food ever)

Did I also mention that the theme involved Ugly Christmas Sweaters (my specialty) and a visit from the Gingerbread Family?!?!?!?

And lets not forget the customized Bobblehead Dolls (pictured above).



1 comment:

  1. Looks like ya'll had a very festive time. The pics of the guys in their special sweaters are great! Happy Holidays.



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