Fruity Frown

I got to spend some long-awaited time with family this week. Even though school and the shop life are crazy it always seems to work out when I need to make time for them :)

This week I was able to:
1. Visit ASU campus with my cousin who is a possible future AZ college student (although I think she's leaning more towards NAU)
2. Witness the aftermath of a ridiculous Arizona hail storm (via broken glass and water in my house... unsmiley face!)
3. Spike my hair for school (the kids loved it and just to let you know... it WAS crazy hair day)
4. Visit with not one, not two, but almost 5 relatives I haven't been able to see in years

Let's just say this was a good week.




  1. Wow, you had a very busy week! But it sounds lovely, minus the hail storm!

  2. That's nice. It's always nice when you feel that re connectedness with fam.

  3. The hail storm was CRAZY!!!! My whole little neighborhood felt the effects :(



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