This is why I love my job.

Sunday's might be a bit slow at Blueberry Deluxe, but I love the people I'm surrounded by. Earlier this morning Ana from Sapna Cafe brought me blueberry pancakes!!! And they were so good I forgot to take pictures of them and ate them up.

Then I had some really cool newcomers that let me have a bag of vintage they were going to donate! awesome. Some in my size too :)

Shirt - Ross
Shorts - Gap
Shoes - Buffalo Exchange
Hat - store borrow




  1. I definitely gotta come in there and look around! and maybe have some blueberry pancakes next door too! Cute site!
    -your student teacher :)

  2. HA! The pancakes are actually a ways away! She drove all the way to give them to me! :)But there soon will be a coffee place next door. Yum!



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