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Vintage Violet FUR Hat

Vintage CORAL Light Overcoat

Vintage Fleece VICTORIAN BLACK Formals 8.5

Vintage IVORY and LACE Dress

Of course I can't deny that this SENsational white dress is my favorite. Too bad I'm not itty bitty teeny tiny. These are some wonderful items I put in the shop today. Each one seems to have its place amongst any given wardrobe. The light and airy colorful coat for somewhat but not too cold days. The black dressy shoes for dress or casual wear. The violet hat for... well any time!! Who doesn't want a purple fur hat?!? And if you want to be all that glitters at night, then why night wear this beautiful and amazing deep blue number?

You can find these items here.

Psssssst! And don't forget to check out my SALE section. They won't be in the store for much longer!


  1. Oooh, I love the shoes and the white dress! So cute! :D

  2. eek! the hat and shoes are my faves.



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