Stephen Wiltshire - A Supernatural Artist

I introduced my students to this man today. For those of you who haven't already heard, he was flown around New York in a helicopter for 20 minutes and upon landing drew up this amazing (and completely accurate)  landscape of NY itself. When I say accurate I mean the scale, dimensions and locations of ALL things are exactly correct. This all created from memory.

I had my students write in their sketchbooks about what supernatural art talent they would love to have it they could (explaining of course that Steven's talent is real, but almost appears magical). They came up with the most wonderful things. Bringing drawings to life, taking pictures with your mind and even the ability to sneeze out a painting. I love my job.

P.S. They're also working on some deliciously artsy new projects which I will be sharing very soon.



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  1. Great inspiration! I saw this last week or before, and was so shocked! I hope the kids appreciated the story



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