A Mere Glance at a Biography

For all my loyal customers, you can thank THIS lady for the items in my shop and my thrifting experience. She introduced me to thrift stores in general from before I can even remember. There are also oodles and oodles of memories of her and I going through my great grandma's jewelry. Today we celebrated her 76th. You GO Grandma!

In case you were wondering. The picture she is holding is of a quilt she had made for a soldier at our local Air Force. He had placed a purple heart on top of it during a ceremony and it was put into the local newspaper.

And you can thank THIS man for giving me my never-ending need to fidget. It's the energy I need to get through a day of teaching and listing.

Say "Hello" to the Blueberry Deluxe FAM!




  1. That is so sweet! I wish I had a few more grandparents! I have only one grandma who I have known my whole life, no other grandparents!

  2. Awwww. I'm incredibly lucky. The gmas and gpas from both sides are still kickin' it!



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