This is for You Mom

After a week of CRAZINESS I was finally able to make my way over to the parents' house for a visit. Of course (in the usual fashion) Blueberry came with me. I had District meetings throughout the week and then a State Art Conference Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I hadn't seen much of the world outside for the better part of the week.

So what's the first thing out of my mom's mouth when we get there?

"You haven't been updating your blog this week! I was so disappointed!"

- Mother Blueberry

So this is for all those cool cyber moms out there! Keepin' in touch internet style!




  1. Thank you darling daughter! But shouldn't Blueberry be in bed by now? She needs here beuty sleep!

  2. My mom reads my blog, too. Although she does not have a blog herself, but she does have Facebook!



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