Ode to Kevin Aucoin

While my digicam charges, I've taken some pictures with my photo booth to share a story from today :)

When doing some light thrifting, I managed to get my hands on "Making Faces" a WONDERFUL makeup book by Kevin Aucoin, former famous New York makeup artist. Although his life ended in a very tragic way, he's left behind these absolutely beautiful books. I was so excited to find it amongst all the other things on the shelf.

Just as I had been mesmerized by it when I worked at a salon, I was thrilled to look through it again. I had been influenced, once again, to shape my brows. Not sure exactly why BROWS are the one thing I decided to play with, but here they are.




  1. I adore that book...I remember asking for and receiving it for Christmas...I must pull it out again!



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