Wardrobe Remix: the Casuals

Taking pictures of outfits really gives me a chance to analyze how I dress. I think looking in a mirror is completely different from seeing the real thing. 

For instance, I don't think this outfit really works for me (below). I like all the colors, but the fit really doesn't suit me. I tried so many variations with different belts, tucked and untucked. I think its the shorts. I'm gonna be keeping my eyes out for some shorts that would better suit a curvy figure :)

Moss Shirt - Target

Belt - thrifted

Shorts - Ross

Shoes - Spain

Also weekends for me spells P . U . G . S . Blueberry always gets to hang out with her fellow breed on Saturday.

Meet Roximus Aurillius Maximus my first born. 
She has the most spunk.

That's Blueberry's butt in the back. 
LeeLoo (fawn) and Hercules in the front.

And a little better shot of Blueberry (with her fabulous "I just got washed" bow on).

And here is the outfit I decided to go with today. I really love these pants. I call them "grandpa pants" because you find them in the mens section and they're usually worn by older men. They're incredibly comfortable and slimming too!

Striped shirt - Ross

Pants - Thrifted

Orange box necklace - Target

Candy flats - Target



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  1. Oh my my.... I knew I had forgotten someone! I had compiled a list of blog owners and their pugs when I thought of this idea two weeks ago, then lost the damn list. If you're interested, please, please send me one photo of you and all your pugs (if at all possible) and I'll add it to the post! :)



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