Wardrobe Remix: Tulip Sunday

I'm playing it cool here with the shoes. Usually I do something a little more jazzy, but nothing jazzy really went with the rest of the outfit. 

I know this post is a little late being as though its Monday and this was Sunday's outfit, but two important things happened on Sunday.

1) My g-ma's family breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel and 

2) My cousin coming back from her New Zealand volunteer trip

This meant no real time for posting and updating. In fact I was running SOOO late I took this picture in a huge hurry... looked at it and decided I needed tights, but didn't have enough time to re-take the picture :(

Victorian orange pattern blouse - Walmart 
(I know, but I go shopping there with my g-ma)

Tulip Skirt - Kohl's (gift from mom)

Orange belt - thrifted

Brown wide strap flats - Target



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