Wardrobe Remix: Jason Takes a Whirl

Oh boy... Poor Jason had to put up with my grumpy hungry mood today (really... I get really grumpy).
I was in a hurry because we were going to get food and I told him to go ahead a take the picture to save time. (You see... usually I have to tripod + timer = long time)

So here's how it went.
(Some shots have been taken out due to ridiculousness)

Attempt #1

Me: Jason you have to show my SHOES!

Attempt #2 (getting hungry)

Me: Do you have it on VIDEO?!? Hurry up!

Attempt #3

Me: Shoes Jason! SHOES!!!

Example #1

Me: Okay.. YOU get where I am and I'll show you how to take it.

Attempt #452

Me: Good enough... lets go eat already HA!

Polka Dot Top - Ross

Beige High Waisted Skirt - Thrifted

Oxfords - Thrifted



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