Terrible Mondays: AHHH!!

I just had a WONDERFUL Sunday full of house warming love! 

The family came over in the morning and the friends at night, giving us a 3 hour window for cleanup, makeup, and rest before each gathering. 

I cannot TELL you how incredible it was to have some many of the people in my life all in one place for the day. And canNOT even begin to explain why I did not take ANY pictures. NONE, ZERO ZILCH!

So in my absolute after-party high I realized I have no documentation of this tremendous event.

In order to heal my wounds, I went around and took some pictures of post-party snippets. 

I'm feeling a little better already.   :)

I was able to make gobs of little arrangements from one bouquet.

Everyone was a fan of my shoe collection IN THE LIVING ROOM!

I know some of you think thats completely ridiculous, but I love it. They're all in one place and I take them off right when I get home. (Usually they're the last thing I pick when making an outfit anyway.)

Jason made some FABULOUS potato soup for the parties. Here's all I have left to show :(

My Etsy room was a big hit. There's nothing like seeing amazing amounts of vintage clothing.

Here's a teeny tiny little arrangement in the bathroom. LOVE the deep blue!

Here's poor Blueberry after a day of socializing. (We also had 5 dog visitors!!!)

A fridge full of leftovers YUM!

My FAVORITE gift from the day. Two personalized cute little thrifty frames from my long-time buddy Christy. *smile*

And this is how I feel now, sort of bewildered and sweet. Such a great experience. It came a went in a storm of craziness, chaotic and beautiful.




  1. OMG. Your pug is ADORBS!

  2. HAHA! I love LOVE your site. I think I want to do a little story on it! Pugs deserve the spotlight. :)

  3. HAHA! Aren't they great!?! And I have two more lots where that came from. They just didn't fit in the picture :)



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