An Ocean View...

As I stare at our magnificent view of the ocean and download my pictures from yesterday and the day before... I think this is the life.

I thought this place had some pretty RAD hats. I didn't buy any though... but I had respect for them :)

Bought some really good jerky here, some EXCELLENT dried veggies and some WAY TOO SPICEY chili mangoes.

I just LOVE this dress. I got it from a lovely trade on Etsy with jforney.
I just ABSOLUTELY adore it. I'm wearing it here with some grey, plaid stockings and my lovely silver glitter mary janes. 

Jason is deep into his miso soup.

Or maybe he was just watching me drink mine :)

This little guy protects us on our travels. He's the infamous traveling pirate.

Jason was PROUD to wear one of my new pairs of sunglasses!

And here's me wearing the other pair. What a good lookin' couple huh?

More to come on the vacation photos. As far as my shop... 

I SO appreciate all the people that purchased items during my "vacation" sale. It really helped. And I also appreciate your patience with my current vacation hold on my items.
After I get back its Updating time!!!



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