The Weekend is Over and Summer is HERE!

So the Summer is upon us. I don't know about all you Mid-Western and Eastern folks, but here is Phoenix its ALREADY in the TRIPLE DIGITS! We're just crazy with the heat. 

Anyway... I just wanted to quickly picture some of my little keepers. Above I have some woven slingbacks that fit me just beautifully! Below I have my:

  • Woven purse featured in my shop at the moment
  • Thrifted Christian Dior sunglasses... quite a FIND
  • Thrifted 80's neon wrap skirt (such a wonderful print)
  • Woven white classic shoes also featured soon in my shop
  • Charm necklace made by me in my spare time


Blueberry Deluxe

1 comment:

  1. Please stop this talk of summer. I am wear a sweater, boots and a coat today!



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