What a week!!! :)

So I've had quite a week! And I CANNOT thank my customers ENOUGH for their lovely purchases. They have really made me feel welcome and comfortable at home on Etsy.

You see... a little over a week ago I found out that I will not be able to work at my current school. As some of you know, I am a full-time art teacher. I absolutely LOVE my job and wouldn't leave it for the world. Well... the world is crumbling down in Phoenix public education. Due to budget cuts to education in GENERAL teachers are really hurting this year. If I was a first year teacher I would even have a JOB next year. 

As it would turn out, I am a SECOND year teacher, which puts me just out of the way of the axe. I will have a job next year, just not at my current school. 

But everyday I would come home and I would look at my Etsy shop. If it wasn't sales, it was correspondence, hearts, or questions about my items. It kept me busy and my mind off of the less than ideal schooling atmosphere. 

You've all really kept my spirits up and going and I can't WAIT for next week (Spring Break) to put out some new stuff!

Love you all!



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