New Dressy Bessies!

A treasure trove of 80's love right here. Just those enormous sleeves sold me. I put this one JUST SO you could see it on a lovely body, but I was... in fact... unable to zip it all the way up (due to me, not the zipper:). This oozes the same innocence of a pink dress my grandma made me for my 5th birthday. 
This is such a sexy spring/summer dress. It buttons completely up the front and ruffles surround the neck and bust line. The print is a very small, very simple white heart. 

I found 2 of these LOVELY floral designed dresses. It's almost like an acid print, so colorful. It's a cross between a Monet and some kind of 70's record cover. 

Be sure to check back regularly for sales, new arrivals, and first hand info! Bye my lovelies!

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