So Fresh and So Clean

Blueberry Deluxe has officially started selling unique and exquisite vintage clothing and accessories! This is an exciting time :) When the business started, I build my beginning on creating handmade jewelry. I was obsessed with creating earrings. 

Needless to say, nearly 2 months later I was selling my little goodies at Conspire Phoenix on Roosevelt and 5th Street. This place is where it all began! I found my community there and was able to finally make some contact with fellow crafters and artists. I'd been out of the loop for quite awhile. 

Conspire is where I found out about and from then on its a love story. In so many ways I fell in love with the glory that is Etsy. I eventually ventured into the Vintage section and found my original fascination coming to life.

Over 5 years ago... my friend and I were tossing around the idea of selling vintage goods. We were OBSESSED with goodwill already and the idea of being able to make a hobby lucrative was very enticing. Alas, the online market was complicated and nothing was ever started.

But now is the best time for me. I'm finally out of school, in my own place, and fully EXCITED to be joining this lovely online community. For months I scoured different profiles and articles and now I'm completely "all-in". 

Stay tuned.

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